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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Videos agriculture and green space maintenance

Below you will find videos showing Perfect agricultural and green space equipment in action. 

Series LB

Series KP                                          

Model LB weilandbloter
Model LB pasture topper
 Model KP compacte klepelmaaier
Model KP compact flail topper

 Series KR

 Series KT

 Model KR universele klepelmaaier
Model KR front + rear flail topper
 Model KT versterkte klepelmaaier
Model KT reinforced flail topper

 Series KM

 Model NX-460

 Model KM versterkte universele klepelmaaier
Model KM reinforced front + rear 
flail topper
 Model NX-460 variable width flail mower
Model NX-460 - variable width flail topper

Series ZW

Model ZW Multi-Maaier slootkant
Model ZW Multimower used in verge
Model ZW Multi-Maaier wegbermbeheer
Model ZW Multimower roadside maintenances

Series ZF

Series MLC

Model ZF zijklepelmaaier
Model ZF2 verge mower
Model MLC Maai-Laad Combinatie
Model MLC Mow-load combination

Model KX-860

Series Big M

Model KX-860 Triple maaier
Model KX-860 Triple mower
Krone Big M met klepelmaaiers
Krone Big M with set of flail topper

Model RX-620


Model RX-620 trailed large surface flail mower



 Model RF under solar panels

Model SZL-600 Solo-Swing

 Model SZL-600 Solo-Swing

vanWamel Youtube

Van Wamel bv
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6658 AE Beneden-Leeuwen
T: +31 (0)487 59 29 44