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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Videos orchard and vineyard equipment

The following videos show the use of our orchard and vineyard equipment.

Series T


Model T maai-spuit combinatie

Model T mow-spraycombination

 T front  

Model T front model

 Series RN


 Model RN met zijuitworp
Model RN with side discharge

 Model RN met maai-spuit bok en zijuitworp
Model RN side discharge and mow-spray

 Series TKF-TKR

 Series DR

Model TKF compacte front maaier
Model TKF compact front mower

 Model DR vouwmaaier
Model DR variable width mower

Series RF


Model RF cirkelmaaier met zwenkende schijf
Model RF swing arm mower

 Model RF met hydraulische taster
Model RF swing arm mower with hydraulic
feeler bar

Series FV2


 Model FV2 wijnbouwmaaier
Model FV2 vineyard mower


Model SZL-600 Solo-Swing

Series BG2-BK2

 Series BGM-BKM

 Model BG2 snoeihoutversnipperaar
Model BG2 flail chopper          

Model BGM universele snoeihoutversnipperaar

Model BGM front+rear flail chopper

Model NX-460

Series MLC

Model NX verstelbare versnipperaar/klepelmaaier
Model NX-460 variable width flail chopper

 Model MLC maai-laad combinatie

Model MLC mow-load combination

Model SPF

Model SP

Model SPA aanbouwpoetser

Model SPF - brush sweeper front

Model SPD dubbele frontpoetser

Model SPD - double brush sweeper


Model SPD and BG2


Model SPD dubbele poetser

 Model SPD double brush sweeper



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