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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Orchard rotary mowers with variable cutting width adjustment - Series DR

Hydraulically adjustable rotary mower with wings

The series DR variable width mowers consist of a rigid central section with an adjustable wing mounted on either side. The wings are operated by hydraulic rams which move smoothly and independently open and closed, to allow for an easy and exact adjustment of the cutting width in orchards and vineyards with different row widths.

Orchard wing mower with opposite rotation of the blades

Two separate gearboxes rotating in opposite directions drive the main blades of our DR orchard wing mowers. The cut material is evenly distributed behind the machine over its full working width or can, by removing two side plates, be spread to the left and right hand side of the machine on the tree strips.

Excellent terrain adjustment

The central section of these orchard wing mowers has two front support wheels and a rear roller to give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, the bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering. 

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