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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

The heavy duty solar park mowerfor professional use!

SUNSWING: Thé heavy duty mower for solar fields.

The world's first solar park mower designed specifically for
vegetation control between and under solar panels.

  • Heavy duty headstock, frame and mowing disk
  • Discharge protection and extra wide full rubber wheels

Strong reduction of costs/ha

The robust construction and strong drive system contribute to the high capacity of this mower;

  • Working speed +40%*
  • Average machine life +65%*

Automatic swing arm

The PERFECT SUNSWING is designed to make mowing between and under solar panels easier whilst
avoiding damage to the stands. When the rubber surround of the disk touches the construction, the
wheel rotates and deflects the mowing disk and its cutting blade away from the pole.

Large offset and extremely low

The large hydraulic offset and low construction of the
swing arm and frame are ideal to reach far under the

*In comparison to a conventional swing arm mower

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T: +31 (0)487 59 29 44