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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Extreme compact orchard rotary mowers - Series TKF and TKR

Short and compact rotary mowers

The rotary mowers are very short, compact and are fitted very closely to the tractor to limit its turning radius at tree- and vine row ends.

4 short cutting blades with opposite rotation

These specialized orchard mowers are equipped with four short cutting blades. The two left hand blades turn to the left and the two right hand blades to the right. This provides a clean cut and an excellent distribution of the cut material to the rear or to the left- and/or the right hand side on the tree strips.

Unique headstock

A unique headstock construction allows for shortest mounting to the tractor. Independent of brand and model.

Excellent terrain adjustment

Two front support wheels and a rear roller give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment to these special orchard rotary mowers. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, the bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering. 

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