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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Trailed HD flail shredder - RX-620

6.2 m (20'4") trailed flail shredder for tractors from 113kW/150 hp

Our brand new RX-620 flail shredder consists of two 3.2 m/ 10'6" heavy-duty flail mowers which are ingeniously attached to a trailed frame. The two units have a large overlap hence full capacity over the full working width. This configuration enables arable farmers, contractors, airports etc. to work a 6.2 m / 20'4" width large surface mower with tractors from 150 hp. 

In a result the RX-620 is the most efficient way to work large areas of fallow land, green manure, corn/sunflower stalks etc.

Independent ground contour adaptation

The heavy-duty mowing heads are ingeniously mounted to the trailed frame; the units independently adapt  to the ground contours, while the ground pressure is limited by a spring-loaded system.

HD rotors, flails

273 mm / 10¾" diameter flail rotors, balanced twice in our factory, have a very high capacity and are extremely resistant. The standard machine is equipped with 2,2 kg / 5 lbs flails, which less sensitive to stones etc.

Optional 0,8 kg (13/lbs) grass flails are available at no extra cost. These flails give a really nice straight cut in less demanding circumstances (airfields etc.).  

The mulching intensity can be adjusted by opening the rear hood of the mower unit(s).

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