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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Heavy duty flail mowers - Series KT

Professional heavy duty flail mower

The KT heavy duty flail mowers are intended for the professional customer who needs a versatile and reliable implement that provides an excellent performance, even under heavier conditions, at very low maintenance costs.

They come with a spacious and heavy body to deal with longer and/or more dense vegetation in fallow land and set-aside land, for cornstalks etc.

Adjustabale rear hood

An easily adjustable rear hood is standard on this series of flail mowers. Its different positions varythe degree of debris mulching against the comb section counter knives.

Heavy duty construction


  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Drive through 4 or 5 V-belts
  • Large diameter flail rotor (219 mm (8") or 273 mm (10¾")) and rear roller

 Special "Perfect" flails

The 0,8 kg (13/lbs) heavy-duty “Perfect” flails are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushings and provide a clean and net cut. 

For use under the toughest conditions, the KT flail mower can be provided with 2,2 kg (5 lbs) universal flails at no extra cost.

 To protect the bearings of the rear roller these are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering.

3D-Flex frontmount headstock

The Perfect 3D-Flex headstock consists of an extreme large offset possibility (1100 mm) and a 3D-levelling system by means of an extra parallelogram and a cylinder.

This concept allows e.g. for ploughing in the furrow with a 4- of 5-fold ploughshare and simultaneously chopping the total working width of the plough in the front. For example to completely work in cover crops manure in one passage.

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