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Sorting for size (diameter)

Standard module

Uni-Cup sorting machines are standard provided with a well-balanced diametrical measuring system.

Most accurate measurement

Each individual fruit is scanned in several positions by a high resolution camera. Unique is the software which is not calculating the average diameter, but instead finds the most accurate measurement between all the pictures. By means of this unique software a very accurate grading result can be realised.

Special programs have been developed for different types of products, such as round,-oblong- and flat apples, pears, sweet peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits etc.

Length/diameter ratio

Diameter-length-ratio enables to separate long and short fruits of the same diameter-size
(e.g. for pears).


All sizes are adjustable in steps of 0,1 mm (0,004"). These adjustments can be made during operation. The size accuracy of the computer-calculations os 0,5 mm (0,02"). 

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