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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Sorting module for external defects

Sorting for damage or rot

By means of the optional EDS system it is possible to sort by external quality e.g. for sorting out fruits with hail damage or rot.

A extra set of high resolution cameras create a 3D image of every fruit or vegetable.

  • Robust outcome after short training of the software
  • Number of pictures is adjustable up to 80 / product
  • Smallest defect size and sensitivity are adjustable
  • Grading on number of defects or defect percentage
  • Depending on the product type and variety up to 95% accuracy
  • Leaf detection to avoid erroneous measurements
  • Unique detection of stalk and calyx
  • Also works on dark products, for example dark red McIntos apples
  • Customer friendly support by internet

Currently available for apples and citrus fruits. 

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