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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Linear sorting machine, super fast and modular, Caligram

1 or 2 lanes with extremely large capacity

The Caligram 2 models are available with 1 or 2 lanes and a maximum speed of 15 carriers per second. This makes the Calibrex Caligram sorting machine in practice the fastest sorting machine on the market, very fruit-friendly even at extremely high speeds.

Very high filling grades and modular

The Caligram models are suitable for a very wide range of fruits from apricot to melon. A maximum filling % of the carriers is realized by the optimized supply, sensors for doubles and the possibility to automatically return doubles.
For apricots and prunes, the machine can even be equipped with an Autopilot function which automatically controls the speed of the infeed belt so that the filling level is always maximized.

Fruit-friendly and accurate

The unique form and way of emptying of the carriers (patent Calibrex) ensures a very fruit-friendly and precise sorting result by weight. The wheels mounted under the carrier contribute to the low noise level.

Choice of carriers

Depending on the main product, these models are supplied with universal (Caligram 2) or small (Caligram 2+) carriers.

Caligram 2

This versatile machine sorts "medium" fruit, such as peaches, apples, pears and tomatoes, as well as "big" fruits such as melons.
Depending on the type of fruit, the sorting speed varies from 6 to 12 carriers per second.
For example, the Caligram 2 can process up to 30 t / h melon.

Caligram 2+

The Caligram 2+ with "small" carriers has a stitch of 76 mm. This versatile machine sorts "small" fruits such as apricots, prunes and kiwis, as well as "medium" fruits such as peaches, apples, pears and tomatoes.
Depending on the fruit, the sorting speed varies from 10 to even 15 carriers per second.
This allows the Caligram 2+ to sort apricots up to for example 5t/h.

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