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Mechanical weight sorting and grading machine – Series MGS250

Mechanical cup sorter by weight

Because of its simple construction and reliability the Perfect mechanical sorting and grading machines MGS are, for many years, a popular start-off for growers of fruits and vegetables worldwide. For example growers of apples, pears, citrus fruits, tomatoes, mangos etc.

Multiple configurations

The sorting machines for fruits and vegetables are available in configurations with 2, 3 or 4 lanes. The positions of the size and spacer sections are set according to the wishes of the client. This allows us to supply you with the layout and configuration which suits best to your exact situation.

Simple adjustment

Every weight section is provided with an indicator clock (adjustable from 1 to 24). This allows for an immediate change of the weight (size) to be selected. The heaviest fruits are dropped at the first exit and the lighter fruits after that.


The Perfect mechanical weight sizer has a stepless speed control from 70 to 140 cups per minute per lane. A filling rate of 90% gives every lane a maximum capacity of approximately 750 kg (1650 lbs) of fruit per hour.

Fruit friendly

Perfect cup type sorting machines are known for their extreme fruit friendly handling. In the design of these specialty sorting and grading machines Perfect paid special attention to most friendly product handling. Minimum and well thought out transfers and the standard time adjuster between the singulator brushes and the cups result in extreme fruit friendly handling of both small and larger fruits.

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