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Van Wamel and Synergia, stronger together

On 20 April 2017, Wamel B.V. moved a step closer to the achievement of its growth ambitions by transferring a majority shareholding to Synergia Agritech Fund.

The capital for this fund has been raised by successful entrepreneurs from the Dutch business community; the Liet (Trioliet) brothers are amongst the parties participating in the capital and a number of members of the existing management team have become shareholders too.

This management buy-out has secured the future of Wamel B.V. and the PERFECT brand. Freek van Wamel, the current Director and shareholder will remain on board as well. Synergia, Freek van Wamel and the management team will join forces to find a suitable new CEO in the near future.

Synergia Capital Partners focuses primarily on companies that operate internationally in market niches and invests in companies with growth potential. It is a committed partner to the companies in which it invests and helps them realize their growth plans. Current and former Synergia participations in the food and agricultural sectors include the Ploeger Oxbo Group, Pokon, Van Dobben, Kwekkeboom and Boboli.

As a dealer, this share transfer will not result in any significant changes for you: the Van Wamel B.V. company-name, the PERFECT brand-name and our company colours will all remain the same. The faces and family culture that you have come to know and the independence of the company will remain in place in the years ahead too. Van Wamel B.V. will continue to be your trusted partner for many years to come and guarantees that it will always provide you with the level of service that you have come to expect from us over the last 70 years.

Because the chopper blade of this extra heavy flail, made out of special steel, remains sharp it is ideal for shredding prunings, but it also gives constant good cutting result in grass. In addition, these flails are the optimal choice for shredding leaves, corn stalks, or other rigid crop residues and

The Directors of Wamel B.V.

Freek van Wamel
Wim Durksz
Frank Niels
René van Ravensteijn

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Van Wamel bv
Energieweg 1
6658 AE Beneden-Leeuwen
T: +31 (0)487 59 29 44